With the variety of insurance providers that are out there available for you, as well as the different variations of coverages that each one of them offer, there is not a single renters insurance policy that fits everyone perfectly. Ideally it would be amazing if it were like that, and one policy covered the needs and wants of everyone that is in need of insurance, but unfortunately it does not work like that. Some providers may offer a certain type of policy that works well, but you may not be satisfied with other things that they offer/ do not offer. When in search of the right renters insurance, it is important that you scope out all your options and find out which provider is best suited to you. Ensure that you are aware of what is more important to you when it comes down to your insurance provider. Do you value having the best customer service available, or do you prefer paying less when it comes to insurance? These are questions you should be asking yourself when searching for the right provider. 

Before going over the best companies that are out there, let’s review first what renters insurance is. Renters insurance is a great way to ensure that your personal property is protected from damage or against any possible theft. Renters insurance also serves as coverage when it comes down to insuring things that you do not own, but are renting instead. An apartment is a great example of something that you are renting, and is usually the most common when it comes down to renters insurance. While in the market for this insurance, it is important to know that there are 2 different types of renters insurance. The first type that there is is Actual Cash Value. With this type of insurance, the provider will reimburse you for the actual value of your home and or household items, minus any depreciation that may have occurred. The second type is known as Replacement Cost. with this type of coverage, the provider that you are with will pay to repair or replace any household items based on their original cost. Now that we have explained a little more on renters insurance, let’s go over who the best providers available to you are. 

If you are looking for the more affordable option as far as renters insurance goes, then State Farm is a great company to look into. State Farm consistently offers cheaper renters policies than the other options that are available. Customers of State Farm also have the benefit of having a great customer service while insured with them. They also give you many different types of ways to customize your coverages as well. Just because they are the more affordable option does not mean that you are receiving bad quality insurance. With State Farm, you are being treated to more affordable prices, and getting a good provider as well. 

Now, if customer service is what you value more from your provider, and that is a main priority of yours, American Family is your best option when it comes down to the best customer service available as far as renters insurance goes. If you've ever had to go back and forth with an insurance company over a problem, you'll understand the value of an insurer like American Family who prioritizes the importance of customer service. When it comes down to customer service, American Family ranked 1st out of 14 insurers with the J.D. Power Rank. They also have a high reputation for their user friendly approach. If you decide to go with American Family, then you will always be treated properly with them, and can be assured to be treated with the best customer service that is out there for renters insurance. 

Some customers prefer to use their phone to handle all their necessities, and if you are one of these customers that prefers to use a phone, then Allstate will be the right insurance provider for you. Allstate insurance has the best mobile app experience when it comes down to renters insurance. The insurance giants are ahead of the game when it comes down to leading the way in the technology department. Customers who have renters insurance with Allstate have access to 2 major mobile apps, Allstate Mobile and Digital Locker. With Allstate Mobile, you are able to pay your bills, file claims if necessary, and also review information about your coverage. Digital Locker allows you to store photos that you have taken of your personal possessions in case you ever need to file a claim. As far as the J.D. Power Ranking goes, Allstate has ranked 5th out of 14 amongst other insurers. 

Over at Allstate, they understand that the world is advancing in the technological side of it all, and that is why they have developed the best app for your insurance needs. If you are someone who prefers to make payments through an app, and you want the best insurance app out there, then Allstate is your best choice to go with. With the Allstate app, you are also able to customize and adjust coverage limits in order to fit your needs and budget. 

Lemonade insurance is your best option if you just want quick renters insurance coverages. No other company's process is as smooth as Lemonade’s when it comes down to signing up for insurance. Apart from being quick and smooth, Lemonade is also amongst the cheaper choices that you have to pick from, adding to the company’s value for consumers. If you want the best military option, then your best choice is USAA Insurance. USAA understands the needs of military families, and will provide you with the best options available to you. For those serving in the military in need of renters insurance, then USAA is the top pick for them. 

We hope that this has helped you with learning more about what each of these insurance providers has to offer when it comes to renters insurance. If you wish to find more blogs like this, then check out the Quotehound University page. You will be able to find more educational insurance topics on there. If you are also in need of a quote to find the right insurance provider for you, make sure that you receive a FREE QUOTE with Quotehound today and start saving even more.  

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