In today's day in age, it is important that insurance agents are using every tool available to them. Technology is one of those tools, more importantly, digital tools will help you achieve greater things. Digital tools can be handy and will help you improve your agency along the way. There are some tools that help you out more than others, and those are the ones that we will be going over. Here are the digital tools that insurance agents should not be without. 

Let’s kick it off by starting with a proper CRM system. When it comes down to how you are tracking leads and customers, you want to ensure that you are not using anything that is outdated, such as Outlook, if you do however still find yourself using older methods for this, then you definitely want to be upgrading to something better. A CRM system, which stands for customer relationship management, helps with tracking any and all information that is available for you about leads or customers in one specific place to ensure that you are able to better organize it, track it, and to have personalized interactions. This is beneficial for you if it allows for your team to have easier access to said information and allow for them to provide higher sales conversions when it comes down to the engagement with the lead or customer. The data that is within the CRM system will most likely also be connected to other tools, allowing you an easier way to analyze your sales data, and more features as well. 

When it comes down to closing deals, ensure that you are closing them by using an electronic signature software to reduce errors. Softwares that are more helpful include the likes of DocuSign, SignNow, and others as well. By using these companies, you are able to store, send and instantly sign documents. Whatever the document may be, anywhere from signing a contract to making premium payments, you’ll be able to do it with more ease and in a more efficient way by using an electronic signature software program. The more we continue to make advances in technology, the less use there are for things such as fax machines. Make the switch over to the electronic side of signing documents.

Social media is a huge tool used in the marketing side of insurance. Having a presence on social media allows for your name to grow even more, and by developing a community online, you are guaranteed to bring in more clients. When using social media, it is important that you keep up a consistent schedule with your posts. You want to be posting on a consistent basis, and the more you keep at it, the more your social media presence will continue to grow. There are several social media platforms that you want to ensure that you are posting on. For example, Facebook and LinkedIn are great places to post on, but you also have other options, such as Twitter. In order to keep up a consistent posting schedule, you can use certain tools to help schedule posts throughout the week for you. A great tool to use to schedule postings is HelloWoofy. Scheduling posts just makes it easier for you to obtain a consistent schedule, and that is why it is a good method to use this tool. 

Another great tool to use is email marketing. This is a great way to reach out to leads, and also keep in contact with current customers. You will be able to reach them with more ease through email, and thus making it better to connect with them. Ensure that you are reaching out to them, and sending them as much information as you can through email.

Communicating with your team is a crucial part of running a successful insurance agency. Some people like to communicate with their team through email, and email is fine, but sometimes with the amounts of emails that people receive on a daily basis, you run the risk of your messages getting piled up within all the other emails that have been received. Look into having a proper messaging and collaboration tool to communicate with your team, as this will make it easier for you. There are plenty of great messaging tools out there, such as Microsoft Teams that you can use. With this tool, you are able to have a messaging group with all of your team members, message your team individually, and also have meetings with them both through audio calls and video calls as well. 

The last tool that we will be going over is cloud storage. Going paperless is a great way to be more efficient on the job. You are also more protected with documents by using a cloud storage, as in the documents would be protected in case of an emergency, such as a weather disaster. A cloud storage allows you to store all documents on the cloud, which also allows for better access to them when you need them. A great tool to use for this would be Google Drive, but of course there are other options as well, and we would recommend that you go with the one that you feel more comfortable using. Make the switch and go paperless today to ensure the protection of all important documents.

These are just a few of the tools that insurance agents should not be without. We highly recommend incorporating these tools to help you with your agency. For more educational blogs like this one, head on over to Quotehound University to learn more. We offer a great variety of blogs to help you out with your insurance needs, and provide the right tips to help you out. 

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