When in search of the right agents, there are factors that you must consider when recruiting them. Look at how good they are at sales. This one is a big one but you do want to ensure that the agents that you bring onboard are good at sales. Look at their past sales experience and make an educated judgement from the information that you have gathered. Another key trait that you should look for is how well the candidate handles rejection. The way they handle themselves after a rejection really shows a lot about them. When rejection comes (and it will), it is important to keep a positive attitude about the situation and move on to the next customer. These are key factors that a top candidate should possess. Below is a list of helpful tips for recruiting agents

A good way to start recruiting is through social media. Social media is a great way to recruit agents, and a great place to start would be Linkedin. It is very common for people in that line of work to be on Linkedin, and that is a good way to see your candidates, and to reach out to them. Reach out to them, send them a message. Don’t be discouraged if you do not receive a reply from everyone that you message. Some might not get back to you, and that is okay, just keep your search going and continue to reach out to as many as you can that still meet your qualifications for the right agent to recruit.

Being more experienced does not always guarantee you success. You have a great chance at finding success with someone that may lack the experience. If you do not mind the lack of experience, reaching out to the local colleges and getting in touch with their career centers is a good way to reach more potential candidates. Many colleges want their graduates to start with good jobs, and they would be happy to help you out in this way as well. Look to bring them in at that level, and help them obtain that experience by providing as many helpful tips and recommendations as you possibly can. 

Reach out to current agents that you know and ask them for referrals. It does not matter if it’s a friend, past colleague, or someone that they are currently working with, ask them to recommend you to someone that they believe will fit the description of what you are looking for. If they have been in the insurance game for a while, chances are that they will have a list of recommendations that they will have to offer to you. Let them know beforehand what the requirements are that you are looking for, and then give the referrals that they provide a chance. Reach out to them and see if they are a good fit. 

Be on the lookout for candidates with a background in sales. Keep in mind that insurance agents are salespeople, and they have to be able to receive everything that is thrown at a salesperson's face. Whether it is rejection, or getting treated poorly, they must be ready for anything. If they already come from a sales background, chances are that they are used to all of that already and know exactly how to handle the rejection or the way they get treated. They will know how to get up and keep moving forward without letting them affect them for the worse, if anything, they will take it as a learning experience and will use it as an example for how to approach the next potential customer. Now, on the other hand if you have someone who does not have a sales background, chances are that they are not going to know how to react to those situations. Maybe they start to get discouraged when it comes to future customers and they will fear getting rejected or being treated poorly. A sales background will be very important in this line, evaluate your candidates wisely and know exactly where each of them come from work wise. 

Pay close attention to the attitude of the candidate that you are looking into recruiting. An attitude of how they present themselves shows and say a lot about them and how they present themselves to others. Avoid the ones that have bad attitudes. When reaching out to the candidates, pay close attention to the attitude that they are displaying. If they do not seem enthusiastic about the possibility of working there or the possibility of talking to customers, then chances are they will carry that same energy when it comes to working and you will not see much success from agents with poor/less than enthusiastic attitudes. Remember that this is a big factor to pay attention to. Look really closely into how they present themselves at first. 

In the interview phase, you should throw out a question at them and allow them to answer freely with their own opinion, then proceed to challenge that opinion. Although it may be an answer that you agree with, still challenge it and see how they do while being challenged. Pay attention to what they say afterwards, what they do, if they get defensive, any way that they react to it, pay close attention to it. See how they handle it and how they go about it. You will get a good reading of them by doing this and know exactly how they will act under a similar situation when it is time to approach a real situation. 

Everyone has a different approach to how they reach out to potential candidates. We understand that you may already have your methods, but when it comes to the insurance world, it is important to know that it is constantly changing, and methods are being changed as well. Think to yourself if your methods are successful, and if they are, ask yourself, are they as successful as you would like them to be? Take it all into consideration and have an open mind when approaching each method. The best advice we can give regarding this is that you are always open to the idea of trying any new trends that may help you, and to continue to update your methods to avoid having them be outdated and avoid falling behind in the insurance world/ 

These have been a few helpful tips that we have put together in the hopes that they will help you recruit potential agents. We hope that you are able to integrate them into your strategy for reaching out to candidates, and that they bring you the results that you are looking for. For more tips similar to these, visit Quotehound University and see if there are any other tips that you can use to benefit you in the long run. We offer many educational blogs and hope that each and every one of them can be useful and helpful to you. 

**** Source: learn.everquote.com/recruiting-insurance-agents

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