Having an established strong sales process has been proven to improve your closing rates and can be considered the most important aspect of being a sales manager. When you have an established process, it benefits everyone involved as the blueprint is there and set up for success. The type of insurance that you sell does not matter at all, as long as you have a strong sales process to go off of, then you are setting yourself and your team up for success. This is a process that does take time, chances are you will not have a strong process overnight. It is going to take time and you are going to have to experiment a bit, but that is all part of the fun. Try out different strategies that you feel will work best for you and your team, put them into place, and do not just limit yourself to one possibility, try out as many as you can and once you have experimented with different possibilities/strategies, make a conclusion over what worked best and apply that to your sales process. Remember, you are not reinventing the wheel here, just try to experiment with as many different sales ideas as possible and go with what you feel like will work best for you in the long run. 

We have put together some key points that you should check off when starting your sales process. These key points will explain more into how to apply them to your process, and how they will benefit you. Study up on these points and incorporate them into your process for more successful results: 

Prospecting is the first key point that we will be going over. The main objective of prospecting is reaching out to and attracting a certain type of prospect that has an interest in any of the products or services that your agency has to offer for them. Many sales reps use different variations of resources to come across with leads that they can connect with and reach out to to try and get their product across to the lead. When it comes down to finding the right leads that may be best fitted for you, Quotehound is a great choice for you. By partnering up with our team, you are guaranteed to be provided with the best leads that are out there for you. We are constantly working to ensure that we provide our partners with the best that we can, and that means connecting you with the right lead prospects for you.  

The second key point to focus on is the importance of preparation. Before you even reach out to a lead, think about how you want that interaction to go exactly, plan it out beforehand and prepare for it. Plan out every detail that you can when it comes out to calling out. If you need a script to remember exactly what you want to say, then by all means have a script read to go at all times. Being prepared is a crucial part for a sales call, and the preparation process that goes behind it is just as important. When you are prepared, you have a higher chance of the call with the prospect to go in the direction that you want it to go in, and thus are more likely to close in on the sale. It is crucial to be prepared for these situations, and if you are on the newer side of being an agent, then you should look into having a script ready at all times as a way of being prepared for anything. This does not just simply apply for calls, but also extends over to emails and text messages that you send out, and you must have a good method prepared for what you are sending out. 

Once you have prepared the right script for yourself and have the qualified leads, you will need to start calling and reaching it to them. It has been found that the average sale can happen anywhere from one to three weeks from the initial time of contact. In that timeframe, it is recommended that you connect with the client a total of 8-10 times. It is important that you are connecting with the leads as soon as you can. From the moment that you first receive the leads information, call them right away to ensure better results. If they do not answer on the first attempt, make sure to reach out to them again within the same hour and if you still are not connecting to them, be sure that you are leaving a voicemail for them and also are sending them a text message with the information as well. If by the end of the day you still have not been able to hear from them in any way, then you should consider sending them an email to let them know why it is that you were calling and provide them with the information that they may need. 

When it comes down to the first 3 weeks, make it a priority that you keep reaching out to that lead to ensure the best results possible. Outreaching to them over the 3 weeks ensures that they will most likely provide you with their business, while at the same time not seeming like you are over calling them or reaching out to them to the extent where they get annoyed of it, as long as you plan it out well, you should have no problems there. Remember, you do not want to annoy the prospect to the point that you lose their business, keep it to the point that it is not overbearing. 

Remember that it is important that you are addressing the objections that they are throwing your way. Having them on the phone, chances are you will hear all different types of objections. Having a script in hand will go a long way as you will be prepared to address any objections that they may have. With a script, you will already have set in motion what to say in case the conversation begins to escalate elsewhere. Do not let obstacles such as objections get in the way of stopping you from closing in on a sale to the client. You will constantly hear the “I am too busy for a call right now” “I’ll just do it online” “I have been called too many times” and many other objections as well, but that is why it is important that you are addressing them on these objections right away and be prepared for anything. Going back to being prepared, remember that preparation will definitely take you a long way with the clients. 

Lastly, you want to work your way into closing the sale. Everything that we have gone over so far has all led up to the final objective, and that is the closing of the sale. When you are speaking to the client, you have to be prepared at all times to transition the call into the closing stage. If you do not close on the initial day of contact, then make it a clear understanding that the prospect intentions are in the process of closing in with you.

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