Keep finding new ways that will help you continue to grow. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Be open to new possibilities of getting your company out there. We have come up with a few helpful ideas for you. Below are some marketing tips that will help you bring in success. 

The first thing you want to do is ensure that you are providing useful online information. People are most likely doing online searches, and you want to be able to provide useful information on what they are looking for. Writing blogs is a great start to providing this information. Write a blog educating your clients and future clients on your products and what you offer. Having useful information online will go a long way when it comes to obtaining more clients, and improving the relationship with current clients. 

Try to stay connected with your clients in any way that you can. You see that a birthday is coming up, send them a birthday card. If they tell you something interesting about them, remember that and ask them about it later on. For example, if they tell you they are going on a fishing trip, and you see them later on after their trip, ask them how it went, or how many fish they caught. Little details like this will mean a lot to the clients. Send them emails as well explaining your product more and if any deals come up that would benefit them more, make sure you let them know. Just stay in touch with your clients as much as you can. 

Originality goes a long way. In a world of viral trends, many different companies tend to be similar because they follow trends that are currently a hit. Although this can be a good thing, you have a lot of different people/companies that are very similar to each other when it comes to style. Be unique, make yourself stand out from the others. Brainstorm as many ideas as you can that will help distinguish you from the others. Clients do tend to focus on these things, even if it seems like such a small detail, they do notice it. The more you stand out from the rest, the better chances you will have when it comes down to expanding your agency. 

If need be, use direct mail. This is a good way to reach out to a greater audience. Use it to reach as many people as you can. Although to some receiving the mail it won’t seem as appealing, you are guaranteed to bring in business from this tactic. You can reach a significant number of clients through this method. This is also good considering that not everyone is online or chooses to be online. Some people still prefer everything being in person or through direct mail. For those, this would be very handy. 

Contact existing clients to provide them with new coverages or to improve on the coverages that they already have. If someone already purchased an auto policy with you, reach out to them to try and have them increase their policy coverages. Also, try to sell them different policy types if they already have a certain policy with you. Discuss with them what is important to them and scope out what their needs may be and provide them with what is best for them. 

Educate yourself and do your research on your target demographic. Use your surroundings for how you handle your advertising to the group of people you wish to bring in. If you live in a city that’s highly into sports, and have local sports teams, sponsorship with the sports teams can go a long way in bringing in the clients that you wish to bring in. learn more about your surroundings and the surroundings of the clients to know what their best ways to advertise to them would be. You have to find ways that appeal to them, and that can vary to many different possibilities. 

When bringing in new clients, it is important that you set your focus and prioritize a few prospects at a time. Focusing on a few at a time allows you to build a relationship with them and by building a good relationship with them, you are setting yourself up for long term success with them. Although it is nice to reach out to more people, do not focus mainly on the numbers. Don’t try to bring in everyone at once, have a select group of prospects and dedicate time to them. Provide them with the knowledge that they need and help them in any way that you possibly can. By building a relationship with them, you are also forming a trust. If they feel like they can trust you or that they are a priority to you, then you are more than likely to be able to sell to them at the current moment and later on as well. Also, if they feel like they can trust you then that also opens the door to them spreading your business to people that they know as well and will bring in more clients for the future as well. 

Set up goals for yourself. Both short term and long term. If you are setting up goals, that gives more incentive to try and reach them or even to try and surpass them. Setting up a list of goals allows you to aim for higher numbers. Focus on them, and if you feel like you won’t be able to reach them, come up with small solutions to reach your goals and put them altogether to reach them. 

Ensure that you are tracking your results. Focus on the analytics side of it. Run tests on data that you gather to see what would work best. Marketing is a science, and you should focus on it as if you were running a science experiment. Run as many tests as you have to ensure that you are seeing the results that you are looking for. Gathering data is useful as it provides you with information to help you continue improving every day. 

Marketing your agency is the new way to go. These were just a few options that you have, but there are definitely more out there. By using these tips here you are guaranteed to start seeing your numbers go up, and you will start reaching more goals that you are setting up for yourself. The world is changing, and marketing your agency is the best way to reach more potential clients. If you do not adapt to the new ways, you suffer the possibility of being left behind and even losing out on clients. Don’t let that happen, find the strategies that work best for you and start implementing them continue to grow as much as you can.

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