Quotehound proudly announces our newfound partnership with Retreaver pioneering an intelligent solution based path within the digital marketing arena.  At the beginning of June 2020, Retreaver partnered up Quotehound to greatly enhance their Click-To-Call and Live Call Transfer lead programs for insurance agencies throughout the United States of America.
“Click-To-Call provides a simple interface between the lead and your call center. Impress your leads with a personalized hassle free experience using the descriptive profile you've created for them, helping you close sales quickly and effectively.”

This new dynamic duo provides several initial benefits for the end user; Seamless click-to-call lead delivery, Customizable and dynamic IVR implementation, Comprehensive call routing capabilities, Pre-qualified lead dissemination with Retreaver’s robust tagging system, Personalized CRM integration experience, and an automated customizable reporting system that delivers vital analytics for quality assurance.
“Live Transfer Calls deliver the highest conversion rates for any source in the industry.  With a lead delivery contact rate of a 100%, agencies get the highest qualified leads while Quotehound and Retreaver take on the heavy lifting.  We succeed when our clients thrive and grow!”

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