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Quantum Assurance 

Quantum Assurance is a highly rated independent insurance agency, and one of Quotehound most successful partnerships. They are also a fairly new company who has achieved a great amount of success in such a small time frame. In a recent interview with AI, (Agency Intelligence) podcast, Jeff Shi, Quantum’s Chief Visionary Officer,  goes into greater detail of how Quotehound has played a part inQuantum Assurance's success. 

In the podcast, Jeff Shi talks more about what Quotehound does for Quantum Assurance, and how they have been able to succeed doing what they have been doing together. 

Quantum’s success with Quotehound 

As stated before, Quantum Assurance is one of Quotehound most successful partnerships. Quotehound has played a huge role in Quantum’s success. Given the technology that Quotehound uses, we are able to connect our consumers to the best fitted insurance providers available to them. With Quantum, we have connected the best suited consumers to them. 

Quantum continues to grow every passing day. We pride ourselves in knowing that our partners are succeeding with us. Everyone on the Quotehound team is working non stop to ensure that our partners are succeeding and that they keep growing, just how Quantum is. 

The growth that Quantum has achieved in such little time is truly astonishing. The results of our partners reflect on how good of a job we are doing on our end. To ensure that the best results are always being guaranteed, we are constantly working non stop to assure that the best work is being put into everything that we do. 

Quotehound mission is to ensure that the consumer is connected to the best fitted insurance provider available to them. Get your FREE quote with Quotehound today, for more information, feel free to check out our website.

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