For starters, you should start by investing in CRM. it is important to take note that even the most experienced agents are not 100% effective when it comes down to closing the deal with leads. Having a CRM that will automatically remind agents to make calls from time to time and email leads that you have engaged with in the past is sure to make a big difference in business terms. You are guaranteed to start seeing growth to your business

Reach out to the leads the moment you receive them. You have the best chance at a sale if you give them a call from the moment you receive the lead. Have the team ready to call out from the start. This way, you are sure to see more sales being made. 

Cross-selling your products is also an important factor into generating more sales. If you are already in the process of selling one insurance policy, why not ask if they want to bundle a deal, or ask them if they have anything else that a policy can also be bought for. For example, a client is buying an auto insurance policy, but they also happen to mention that they recently bought a new home. Offer them a home insurance policy as well sell it to them. This is a great way to ensure that the client will want to stay with you, and also refer you to others as well. This is a very likely tip to help bring in more business

Cold calling can be nerve wracking at times. Feel free to use a script if you feel like that would be more helpful when it comes to making calls out. Scripts come in handy to ease down on the anxiety you may be feeling from making a cold call. As time goes, you will catch on quicker, but for those starting times, using a script is a good way of learning your way into making the calls. Before you know it, you will be cold calling and without having to use a script. You will just automatically know what to say, but it will take time to learn, so take in all the knowledge that you can. 

Before any calls can be made, know exactly what you will say when it comes down to what you may be told or asked. Be prepared to answer questions, or have responses ready to things that they may tell you. Knowing exactly what to say will definitely prove to give you great results. One good example of something you may be told is that they receive too many calls, and then ask why you are calling them, and for that situation, or any other similar to that, you must be prepared and have your answers ready to go. Always know exactly what to say, and the calls will go smoothly for the most part. 

In addition to calling them, ensure that your prospects are also receiving emails from you as well. A big mistake that many agents make is that they fail to send an email to the prospect. Emailing prospects is highly recommended, especially when compared to other forms of marketing. Ensure that this is not happening to you. Send those emails, make it a priority. 

Highly recommended that you attend a sales training course if possible. By solely taking one type of training course, you can retain a good amount of knowledge from it and improve with the skills acquired. It is important that you keep an open mind to the possibility of being trained, that way you leave the door open to obtaining more knowledge in your field. By willing to learn more, you are showing the want to keep growing and improving. Do not be afraid to take a training course to help improve upon the skills that you already possess. 

In today’s modern age, you can never rule out social media. Social media can play a big role when it comes down to your sales strategy. This doesn’t mean relying on social media as a form of generating leads, but more so as using it as part of a sales pitch or engaging way to get the client to sign up. Feel free to get creative with the possibility of social media and learn all the options that you have with this tool. 

It is important to know that in the insurance world a no today, does not necessarily mean a no tomorrow. Let’s say you get a no from a potential client today, that does not mean close the door on the possibility of them signing up altogether. That may just mean that they are not interested at the current moment. At a time like that, it is fine to close the book on the lead, but ensure that you do plan on opening it back up later down the line. Although you are receiving a no, the possibility for their business down the line is still there, and should be treated as such. Do not give up on the lead completely just because you received a no. if need be, keep checking up on them later down the line and keep being persistent, in a respectful way of course, but keep being persistent with them. 

When it comes down to purchasing leads, ensure that you are not purchasing just one type of leads. It is crucial to remember that all different types of leads exist. Therefore you should not solely focus on one particular type. Be open to the different types of leads available. By doing so, you are guaranteed to have more clients sign on, and will be able to continue to grow your agency

A big way to see more clients is by purchasing leads. Purchasing leads is a great way to have more leads available to you. The potential to grow your agency even more is there, and by purchasing leads, you are ensuring that more business will be generated, therefore your agency will grow. A great way to have access to purchasing more leads is through the power of Quotehound. Quotehound will ensure that the best leads available to you are provided for you, and this will allow you to bring in more clients to sign on. Do not let another day go by without having access to the possibility of more leads. Take the step forward today and connect with leads through Quotehound

These have been just a few helpful sales tips to help you and your agency. Implementing these tips into your agency is guaranteed to start bringing in more potential clients your way. Try all these methods out, and see for yourself just how much your business will start improving. For access to the best leads available to you, ensure that you put your trust into Quotehound. Our team will guarantee that you will be connected to the leads that are a better fit for you. Visit us online today and learn more about what we can do to start helping you today. 

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