If you are looking for a way to market your insurance agency without it costing you too much, then look no further than marketing through social media. Using social media is one of, if not the best way to do marketing in today’s digital age. The use of social media is great because you can get your name out there, and do it all for a very low cost, if any at all. Now, although it may not be very expensive to do, or require a lot of money to get into, it does require patience, planning, and consistency. It is important to know that planning and consistency are the two major points when it comes down to social media marketing. You must draw out the type of content you want to be pushing out, and also you must be consistent with it. The more consistent you are with it, the more engagement you will see on a regular basis, thus bringing in more business your way. We have put together a few tips of what platforms to use, and how to use them properly to achieve the most amount of engagement possible. 

As we keep making advances in technology, more and more people are making their way towards the digital aspect of things. Marketing is included, as more people tend to use social media as a way of growing their platforms and increasing their business. As an agency, you want to ensure that you are connecting with as many potential clients as you can, and what better way to do it than to be on social media. Social media is the new way of expanding your agency, and you should definitely take advantage of the platform. There are many different ways to ensure that you are being active on social media, and to ensure that you are reaching as many people as possible. Look into every different site that you can think of, and pay attention to how others go about handling their social media marketing. It would probably be best that you follow more people that are in the same line of work as you. 

If you are looking into going into social media marketing and do not know where to start, then we have you covered. We have come up with a list of what platforms are the best to use, and how to utilize them for maximum engagement. We have done research on all of these platforms, and speaking from experience as well we can confirm that the use of said platforms is very useful when it comes to reaching a larger audience. Going back to what was stated earlier, the key to obtaining success from marketing online is by planning out how to structure out the content that you will be pushing, and by also staying consistent with your posts/updates. Keeping a consistent schedule will help you in the long run, and so will having your content planned out. For all agents and agencies that are looking for methods and tips on what social media platforms to use, and how to use them, we have you covered. Below is a list of the best platforms to use, and how to use them as well. 

A good place to start your social media marketing on is through Facebook. There are many ways to engage with others on Facebook, for example, you can join groups where there are others like you that can provide you with helpful tips and tricks. Posting updates on Facebook is a great way to reach a larger audience. It’s also not just about posts, but also sharing others’ content and commenting on other posts as well. Facebook is a great place to start. Look into reaching out to others on the platform and see what works for them, and use any techniques that they have that you feel might be useful to you. 

Another great place to start, or to use as well as Facebook is Linkedin. Linkedin can be described as Facebook, but for business. You are able to connect with others, read educational posts that may help you, interact with agents that you would like to bring onboard with to your agency, and many other things as well. While using this platform, it is important that you understand the audience that you are trying to reach, and the content that you are pushing out is hitting with them. Start building your way up on that platform, and start seeing your business continue to grow through the use of social media. The use of images and videos is a great way to get the most out of Linkedin

If you want to be able to have a more personal connection with your clients, might we suggest that you start a YouTube channel. For this platform, you can literally upload videos explaining how your agency works and how exactly insurance works, that way your clients have a better understanding of what it is they are purchasing, and who they are purchasing it from. Upload educational videos, teach them exactly what insurance is and how it works. Go into as much specific detail as you can and in a way that anyone can understand it. Not only that, also upload videos on your company, and who you are overall. Give them that more personal touch and give them a reason to want to sign up with your agency

Twitter and Instagram are the other two platforms that we will be going over. Twitter is pretty simple, the main goal is to have as many followers as possible. Start by following accounts for people or businesses that are in the same line as you are. Retweet their content, promote yours as well. Twitter is a great platform for a more one on one feel. This way, you give the company a face, and show them exactly who is behind the company. Instagram is just more for pictures. On that platform, it is encouraged that you get a bit more creative with it. Do not just make it all about business, add other content as well. People love animals, they love memes as well. We would advise that you use this for such content. Post pictures of cute animals, or funny memes that are related to insurance. A great way to have a better connection with clients as well is by having them submit pictures of their pets and posting the pet of the week, or something along those lines. The goal is to be as creative as you possibly can. 

Social media is here to help you, that is why you should take advantage of the opportunity that is placed right in front of you. It is free to use for the most part, and easy to use as well. Learn the ins and outs of the sites that you decide to use, learn what strategies work best on there, and imply those same strategies to your methods. Everyone has a different approach to how they utilize social media, and that is why you will want to make your accounts as unique as you possibly can. Although we do recommend that you take note from strategies that others use, we highly recommend that you find a way to add your own personal touch to them to make them unique in their own way. 

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