Having the opportunity to run an insurance agency solely based on referrals would be amazing. Since referrals do not cost anything, they tend to be the best solution for insurance agencies. Now, you may be wondering how to get more of them, well that is what Quotehound is here to help you with. We have put together a list of tips for you on how to get more insurance referrals.

Having the opportunity to have your agency boost up on referrals would be a great thing. Referrals do not cost you anything, and they are almost always qualified. This makes them more interested when it comes down to buying your product. Quotehound understands how important referrals are, and that is why we have put together quality tips to assist you on how to get more referrals. Below are a few tips that we have gathered to help with your insurance agency needs: 

A great way to start is by showing love to your current customers, and showing them how much you appreciate them. Prioritizing the customer should be a main focus of yours, as the more you prioritize them, the better it will be for your business. Set high standards from the beginning, and ensure them that they are in for a great customer experience by being insured with you. If you provide a great experience for your customers, then those same customers will refer your agency to more people that they know. This goes well for you, as the more they refer you to others, the more business you will start to see and the more you will continue to grow. It all begins with showing that you appreciate your customers, and that you provide the best possible customer experience that you can for them. If you must, set up a plan beforehand on how to implement a better experience and service, and put it into effect. 

The use of data is very helpful when it comes down to seeing exactly how well your agency is serving its customers. You should be tracking how well your agency has been performing when it comes to how satisfied your customers are. Not only should you be tracking how satisfied the clients are, but also how long they have been with you, and other factors as well. These factors are all very important, and you want to ensure that metrics are being used to track how the agency is performing. The more data that you gather on your business and how it is performing, the better it will be for you. 
Apart from gathered customer based data, it would also be wise to track specific key performance indicators and implement them in order to motivate your team. When it comes down to key performance indicators, there are 2 important ones. These include the number of referrals generated by each producer, and the number of referrals who actually convert into customers. Only genuine referrals will be helpful. Tend to focus specifically on the rate of conversion. A great and fun way to encourage more referral conversions is by having competitions or simply providing rewards for converted referrals, serving as a manner to encourage your team to meet their expected numbers. 

Scope out the right time that you should ask for referrals from your customers. Now, before asking for referrals, you must ask yourself if it is the right time to ask your customers. The best time to get referrals from them is when you know that they are happy with the service provided, and are aware of the value you provide. Some great opportunities may include when they first sign up for a policy, and realize that you are actually saving them money with the better policy that you are providing. Another one may be right after providing a great customer service experience for them. Provide the best service for them to keep them happy, that way they will enjoy their time with your agency and will lead to more referrals. 

Implementing a strong incentive program can be a great way for your customers to provide more referrals. By having an incentive program where you offer rewards for referrals will lead to more business. The more that they refer, the more rewards that they earn. You do not have to go all out when it comes down to the rewards, you can keep it simple by providing the same reward every time but still making it to the point where your clients are going to want to refer more people to you. If you do decide to go down rewarding your clients for referrals, it is important that you are aware of your state’s laws regarding paying/rewarding clients bonuses for their referrals. Be wary when it comes down to implementing this system, and ensure that you are all caught up on your state’s laws regarding this. 

Having easier access for your clients to send you referrals will definitely go a long way when it comes down to this. You want to make it as easy as possible for your customers to be able to send you referrals. You have to understand that sometimes clients really do want to help, but the main problem is that they do not know how to. When explaining this to your clients, ensure that you explain with as much detail exactly how they are able to help. Also, make it very clear over what the exact information is that you want them to pass along to their circles. 

A great way for them to be able to provide your information to others is by you giving them your direct cell phone number from the start. By providing your phone number to your customers, it will make it easier for them to provide your information to friends or family. Let’s say that they are having a conversation, and the topic comes up, well if they suggest you to their friends or family members, then they are able to provide the phone number at that very moment and it will make it easier for the new potential clients to be able to contact you. It is important that as soon as you provide your phone number to them that you also mention how crucial it is that they have your number in case of any emergency. 

These have just been a few tips on how to get more referrals for your insurance agency. If you want to read up on more tips like these, take a look at Quotehound University for more helpful tips. Also, if you are in need of better leads, connect with the Quotehound team to ensure that you are receiving the best leads available to you and start gaining more business. Do not let another day pass by without having the best leads available to you at. Join the Quotehound team and find out how we can help you out. 

Source **** learn.everquote.com/how-to-get-insurance-referrals

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